Thanks everybody who bought my Empire of Signs EP! A year and a half later it’s finally completely sold out! (However Tune in! Turn On! and Futurist Haikus and Tiki Dreams are still available from Magic Rub Cassettes:

This seems like as good of a time as any to mention that Travel Kyoto isn’t really a going concern of mine anymore, as one might suspect from the lack of significant activity on here these past few months. That said, fear not fans, this doesn’t mean I’ve stopped working on music! It’s too early for me to announce anything formally, but I have a new project that should probably appeal to anyone who liked my Travel Kyoto stuff. It’s much less of a complete departure than a lateral move, so to speak. I’m very happy with what I accomplished, music-wise, with Travel Kyoto and three EPs I released under that name, and again I’m very grateful to everyone who bought a tape. I merely began to feel somewhat restricted by the conceptual and aesthetic constraints that I gave myself going into the Travel Kyoto project, which I think have run their course. The good news is, I’m confident that the best music I have in me has yet to come, so please keep an eye on this page because I’ll be giving further details about the new stuff soon!

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’90s nostalgia seems to have reached critical mass this year, and yet no one seems to be talking about how, in 1994, something like this could air on MTV (!)

Also, on a related note, the first Sea and Cake album came out twenty years ago and no one seems to be talking about that either…